Greetings folks!

Finally, a new page. We are terribly sorry for the wait. Murphy’s law as well as the everyday-one-has-to-earn-money-life did both their best, to hinder any progress. Hopefully, it will be better in the future, but we cannot guarantee a page in two weeks. Nevertheless, you will definitely get one more this year! Pinky promise! Vueras is already huffish, because his next appearance is delayed so much. Trust us, you don’t want him to be to annoyed because he kind of turns into a 5-year old with a bad temper. And power… mighty power and lots of it. So, we are doing our best to prevent the maximum credible accident. If the page is doing funny things, we’ve failed terribly. xD
Thank you for everyone, that is still with us. You are our reason for keeping up, despite the odds!
We wish you a wonderful advent season!