A mysterious stranger who introduces himself as “The Death”. He has a fable for conceited language and fancy appearances. In a mix with a slight superiority complex you get your crazy third uncle.

First appearance: The observing stranger






The Ghostgates

Cast Saire Sel’TiaraSaire Sel’Tiara:

New assigned serade gate, the fourth strongest ghostgate. She was born and worked as a servant in Aalijadsch. A warm and carrying person who likes to stay in the background

First appearance: Better run old man





Cast_Rosette von MondgestinRosette von Mondgestin

The fiedor gate is the strongest of all ghostgates. Furthermore she is the sole heir of the von Mondgestin estate and thus a strong-willed young lady with an intelligent mind. As typical for the high nobility her body was free of changes, before she got her new one from Vueras.

First appearance: Meeting of the giants





The Guardian Spirits:

Cast_Xeres TenuisvirXeres Tenuisvir:

The charming guardian of the serade gate who does not want to pass on, before he has seen every flower within the garden. He loves to create beautiful things and is a passionate cook. The old-fashioned man is full of wit and love for the ladies.

First appearance: Three guys and a kitchen





Lalith HarishLalith Harish

The new assigned guardian spirit for the fiedorgate. He likes playing tricks and pranks but fears his mistress more. The ape-changed one has his head in the clouds that’s why Rosette has established a form lock. He can only change his appearance whenever she thinks it would be appropriate. Most of the time, he has to stay a small monkey.

First appearance: Three guys and a kitchen